Client Quarterback

My alma mater is: The Culinary Institute of America

My favorite invention of all time is: The toaster oven-we use that thing to cook all types of food

If I were an animal: I would be a Dolphin.

My hidden talent is: I love playing poker and think I’m pretty good at it too!

I love: My family above all, and basically all types of sports to both play and watch, and lastly I still enjoy playing video games!

I spend my free time: Free time? I have a wife and 2 boys so what little free time they allow me to have is usually spent watching whatever sport is on television or catching up on my DVR.

The soundtrack of my life is: Whatever my son searches for on Amazon, anything from Moana to Justin Timberlake, and everything in between.

Sometimes people say I look like: I do not often get compared to celebrities, but after doing a facial recognition program Ed Burns was the closest to me? Possibly a cross between Ed Burns and Ed Helms.

The best place on earth is: Las Vegas, a beach, outside

My nerdiest quality is: Since starting in the SaaS industry, whenever someone has a tech issue, I think I can fix it or I’ll do the research required to get the problem resolved.