Alteryx: Icimo Answers | April 21 | 12-12:45 PM EDT

No commitments – just free Alteryx help! Bring your Alteryx questions, grab a coffee and login virtually to speak with Icimo Analytics and other Alteryx users!


Tableau: Icimo Answers | March 25 | 12-12:45 PM EDT

No commitments – just free Tableau help! Bring your Tableau questions, grab a coffee and login virtually to speak with Icimo Analytics and other Tableau users!


Alteryx: Icimo Answers | Feburary 25 | 12-12:45 PM EDT

No commitments – just free Alteryx help! Bring your Alteryx questions, grab a coffee and login virtually to speak with Icimo Analytics and other Alteryx users!


Tableau: Icimo Answers | January 20 | 12-12:45 PM EDT

No commitments – just free Tableau help! Bring your Tableau questions, grab a coffee and login virtually to speak with Icimo Analytics and other Tableau users!


Alteryx: Icimo Answers | December 16 | 12-1 PM EDT

No commitments – just free Alteryx help! Bring your Alteryx questions, grab a coffee and login virtually to speak with Icimo Analytics and other Alteryx users!


Tableau: Icimo Answers | November 18 | 12-1 PM EDT

No commitments – just free Tableau help! Bring your Tableau questions, grab a coffee and login virtually to speak with Icimo Analytics and other Tableau users!


Alteryx: Icimo Answers | October 27 | 12-1 PM EDT

No commitments – just free Alteryx help! Bring your Alteryx questions, grab a coffee and login virtually to speak with Icimo Analytics and other Alteryx users!


Webinar: Law Firm Analytics | October 28 | 12-1 PM EDT

Join Icimo Analytics and Tableau as we interview executive panelists from data-driven law firms on how they use analytics in today’s climate. The conversation will explore how law firms are using data to elevate intelligence, streamline the discovery process to better predict outcomes and strengthen a firm’s financial, marketing, and business development imperatives.


Cherry Bekaert, Analytics: Manage Supply Chain Disruption | October 6 | 5:30 PM ET

An organizational data strategy is the cornerstone of an effective supply chain providing intelligent end to end visibility and transparency. Join us as we explore the critical components in using Tableau and other tools to build a successful enterprise data supply chain strategy.


Steps to Building a Successful Analytics Strategy | July 8 | Noon-1 PM ET

Data analytics is the defining competitive advantage to moving your business forward. From reduced inefficiencies to increased sales to deep and actionable insight that can be applied in real-time – the benefits are countless. But successfully deploying analytics can be challenging. Questions arise:
  • Where do I start?
  • How should the organization be structured?
  • Which technology solutions should be included?
Enter the analytics strategy. In this webinar, you will learn the critical steps to build a cohesive analytics strategy. Clearly defining a strategy and roadmap to define how an organization’s data, technology, process and people come together will bring the ultimate business value to the organization. (CPE Credit: 1 Hour – Applicable to CPA’s only)
Attend this live webinar and learn:
  • The value of data analytics within an organization’s growth plan.
  • The key steps to developing a successful analytics strategy.
  • Hear business use cases about organizations transitions from no analytics strategy to the development and implementation of an analytics strategy.


The Power of Data Visualization Webinar | June 1 | Noon-1 PM ET

Data moves business forward. It remains the driving force behind many digital transformations and is the defining competitive advantage when doing business. The sheer volume of data can be mind-boggling as presently over 50 zettabytes of digital information exists. This growth has outpaced our brains ability to catch up. No longer can businesses, competing in the digital age, rely on analyzing rows and columns in spreadsheets and databases. Today’s data-driven world, demands speed and agility – enter data visualization.
Attend this live webinar and learn:
  • how data visualization plays to our brains strength
  • explore how we interpret visual elements
  • explore the process of visual analysis
  • learn about the power and benefits of data visualization tools


SQL SATURDAY BATON ROUGE | March 7 | 7:30-5:00 PM

Join us for SQL Saturday Baton Rouge hosted by! We’ll talk Tableau and Alteryx and the power of data! Icimo Analytics is a gold sponsor at this event so don’t forget to stop by our booth and say hello!


RDUTUG | December 3 | 5-8:30 PM

Join us for the next RDUTUG at @BarrelCulture Brewing! We’ll talk Tableau Blueprint and People Analytics! Join in on the viz challenge and win some great SWAG and giveaways.


Icimo Experience Celebration | November 13 | 7-10 PM PDT

Once a year we gather at the Tableau Conference for a night of celebration to thank our Clients new and established, and our Partners! UPDATE: We have reached maximum capacity at our venue and registration is currently closed for this event. Please visit booth #445 for further details.


Webinar: Embedded Analytics with Tableau | September 26 | 1-2 PM EDT

Data is one of the most valuable assets that your business has, but are you making the most of it? That was the question facing Worldwide Express – BV, a top freight broker and logistics firm in North America, with their challenge not being data but rather how to deliver and present it to its clients. This webinar will focus on how Worldwide Express, through its Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions® division, leveraged Tableau embedded analytics to elevate and differentiate themselves in the crowded transportation and logistics market.

Webinar Series: Success with the Tableau Blueprint

Organizations know they must leverage data to outperform the competition, manage risk, create agility and make better decisions. Paramount is building an architecture that capitalizes on all types of data including real-time information that expands analytics capabilities while establishing privacy, security and governance.

Webinar: Success with Tableau: Leveraging the Tableau Blueprint to Build a Successful Data Culture in your Organization | August 7 | 3 – 4 PM EDT

In this webinar you will learn:
– Organizational use cases on how Tableau is leveraged in a seamless end-to-end experience.
– The purpose of the Tableau Blueprint as a step by step guide to becoming a data-driven organization.
– How to leverage the Tableau Blueprint for existing deployments.
– An overview of the four-step Tableau Blueprint process to include Discovery, Governance, Deployment and Evolution.
– Exploring the three primary work streams of Tableau Blueprint to include Agility, Proficiency and Community and how to establish them as core capabilities within your organization.

Didn’t Attend the Webinar? Access the recording!

Webinar: Success with Tableau: Deep Dive into Discovery, Governance and Deployment of the Tableau Blueprint | August 21 | 3 – 4 PM EDT

In this webinar you will learn:
-The importance of and how to create a comprehensive and sustainable analytics vision and strategy.
-Tools you can leverage and steps involved to evaluate holistically the analytics needs of your organization.
-The importance of and steps involved to establish governance throughout every work stream.
-The skills necessary to create new behaviors with data and how to successfully scale analytics across your organization.

Didn’t attend the webinar? Access the recording!

Webinar: Success with Tableau: A Deep Dive into Evolving with the Tableau Blueprint | August 28 | 3 – 4 PM EDT

In this webinar you will learn:
-How to evolve your analytics environment to changing business demands
-The importance of and how to establish a feedback loop to monitor and measure key metrics
-Best practices and use cases for sustaining organizational transformation with data.

Didn’t attend the webinar? Access the recording!

Webinar: Nonprofits and Associations: Transforming Outcomes with Tableau | June 17 | 12-12:45 EST

Successful Nonprofits and Associations are prioritizing their approach to business intelligence as a key driver of their value, engagement and growth. Gain the competitive edge by recognizing the data strategies that will align your Nonprofit and Association for progressive growth.

In Icimo’s webinar Nonprofits and Associations: Transforming Outcomes with Tableau, we share real use cases on how Nonnprofits and Associations are leveraging their data to drive better decisions, grow donors/members, identify engagement opportunities, improve fundraising efforts and optimize efficiencies and costs. Couldn’t make it to the live webinar?

Tableau 2019 | November 12 – 15 | Las Vegas, NV

We’re headed to Las Vegas Nevada this November for Tableau Conference 2019. We’re sponsoring at conference again so look for Icimo on the expo floor! Interested in joining us for our data evening celebration at conference? Send us an email!

Alteryx Inspire 2019 | June 10 – 14 | Nashville, TN

We’re headed to Nashville, TN this June 2019 to join our community of data experts and immerse ourselves in all things Alteryx. We will see you next year at Alteryx 2020.

Alteryx Quick-Start Free Workshop 
November 8, 2018  | 9-11 am (EDT)

Join us for this free hands-on workshop for new and potential Alteryx users to test drive a modern alternative to the repetitive data prep and blending tasks.

Construct your first repeatable analytic workflow, and see how tasks that currently take multiple hours or days every week can be automated in seconds!

Learn how you can:
-Connect to and cleanse data
-Easily join data from multiple sources
-Build repeatable workflows with no coding
-Overview of predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics

See how you can transform your business today! Space is limited for this event.

IcimoAnswers – Open Office Hours |
December 7, 2018  |  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Grab your coffee, bring your data and meet us at Icimo for “IcimoAnswers”! Our analysts will be available between the hours of 9am-12pm to meet one-on-one in 30 minute appointments to help solve your most pressing Tableau and Alteryx data challenges!

All are welcome and no registration is required!  Just show up anytime between 9:00 am-12:00 pm on 6/1 – 3434 Kildaire Farm Rd Suite 310.  Enter building at the rotunda under the Wake Tech Community College sign and take elevator to 3rd floor. 

Webinar: Your Channel Management Data Strategy 
August 29, 2018  | 12-1 pm (EDT)

Manufacturing is an industry with many moving parts and a constant cadence of changing demands. With a channel management data strategy, gain visibility into every aspect of the supply chain driving decisive results in seconds-compared to hours or days. Attend this live webinar and learn:

  • how to improve process efficiency
  • centralize production monitoring
  • better serve your customers
  • turn real-time data into revenue driving insights

Couldn’t make it to the live webinar?

Tableau User Group | Charlotte, NC
August 30, 2018  | 5:30-7:30 pm

Maximizing your Tableau Investment – Tableau Fully Engaged

By using Tableau you’re already gaining indispensable insight and transformative value with your data. Tableau’s capabilities provide limitless opportunity as the end user can discover, explore and share data asking and answering questions at the flow of their own thought. But, whether you’re an administrator, key stakeholder or end user, how well you leverage Tableau can significantly impact your success and long-term business adoption. In this session, we’ll explore how to use Tableau to fully engage with Tableau, providing you with a road map to data-driven success to ensure lasting value with your Tableau investment.

Innovate to Elevate: The Data-Driven Marketer | Charlotte, NC
October 4, 2018  | 11:45am-12:15pm

It’s a simple concept: innovate to elevate. Marketers today must innovate to grow. How they leverage brand and consumer data will be a key indicator of their success. This session will challenge digital marketers to reconceptualize their role as analyst, artist and storyteller, identifying the tools and skills needed for effective data-driven innovation.

Location: Charlotte Convention Center, 501 S College St · Charlotte, NC 28202

The Value of a Data Driven Organization | Alexandria, VA
July 19, 2018  | 11:30am-1:30pm

Successful Associations are prioritizing their approach to business intelligence as a key driver of their value, engagement and growth. What if you could free up key member’s time…shave off weeks of waiting for reports…quickly identify new growth opportunities? Join us for lunch with Alexandria Brown Bag Professional Networking group and learn how leveraging your Association’s data fuels smarter, faster decisions that encourage member engagement, drive adoption and adds value to the entire organization. See best practice examples from several associations on their path to create data driven success.

Location: Marketing General Incorporated, 625 North Washington Street #450, Alexandria, VA 22314

Tableau Test Drive | Cary, NC
June 27, 2018  | 9-11am

Join us for our Tableau Test Drive session and we’ll show you how to connect to your data and visualize your queries without writing a single line of code. You’ll learn how to create a dashboard from scratch and see how you can quickly analyze, visualize and share information and publish your results. Whether you measure your data in petabytes or in billions of rows, Tableau is built to work as fast as you do.

Location: Icimo, 3434 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 310, Cary, NC 27518

Alteryx Inspire 2018 | Anaheim, CA
June 4-7, 2018  | 

Join Icimo at the 2018 Alteryx Inspire Conference! Spanning 4 days, data enthusiasts will hear keynotes from Alteryx leadership on new product developments and strategy. Select from 5 different industry tracks and attend one of the many break-out sessions offering critical insights into using Altreryx and enhancing your analytics workflow. 

Location: Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA 92802

NCTech4Good 2018 Conference |
Durham, NC June 4-5, 2018 

Join Icimo at the The 2018 NCTech4Good Conference! The conference is designed for nonprofit professionals, businesses, and volunteers to collaborate, innovate, and explore the use of technology to advance the mission of nonprofit organizations. Icimo’s CEO, Bryce Gartner, will be talking with nonprofits about the importance of leveraging organizational data and the key steps to take to build a sustaining data-driven culture. 

Location: The Solution Center, Brighton Hall, Suite 200, 1101 Slater Rd, Durham, NC 27703

BI Trends Charlotte – Draught |
April 26, 2018  |  2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

With the pace and evolution of Business Intelligence, what works today, may not work tomorrow!

Knowing the strongest BI Trends shaping strategic priorities could take your organization to the next level. Learn the top 10 most influential trends affecting BI today and hear from business leaders on how their organizations are applying these trends for top performance. 

2018 BI Trends – Oak & Dagger Public House | March 7, 2018  |  2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Whether you’re a data analyst, an IT manager, or an executive, these trends emphasize fundamental shifts in business intelligence solutions that can help you see and understand your data like never before. 

Join us for a free, in-person event. Eat, drink and meet fellow data enthusiasts while we show you what trends are poised to fundamentally shift BI the most in the coming year, and how you can take advantage of these changes. This event is free to attend, but space will fill up quickly so make sure to reserve your seat today!

Tableau – How Tableau Empowers Your Team | January 26, 2018  |  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Learn how Tableau can help you leverage self-service analytics to visualize and tell your story with data. Tableau drives a positive impact to your organization by getting data in the hands of the business. 

Alteryx – Quick-Start Webinar | January 25, 2018  |  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Alteryx is a critical tool for prepping, blending and analysis – enabling complex data processes to be built with speed and ease. Ensure you know the essentials to maximize your Alteryx investment by attending Icimo’s – Alteryx Quick-Start Webinar

Can’t make it on January 25th? Register and we’ll send you the recording!

ATUG – Associations Tableau User Group | January 17, 2018  |  2:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Join us for the next Associations Tableau User Group (ATUG) meeting! Connect with other association professionals using Tableau and learn the latest best practices and tips for Tableau. If you work in the association community and use (or are interested in using) Tableau, you’re welcome to join us. All are welcome, but space is limited so register early!

Libraries Virtual Tableau User Group | December 7, 2017  |  2:00-3:00 PM

Join us for the first Libraries Virtual Tableau User Group! Share how Tableau is used within libraries to drive value and positive outcomes. Hear directly from Diane Plunkett, Manager of Strategic Iniatives at Brooklyn Public Library and Micheal Gannon, COO of Support Services at Prince George County Memorial Library System on use cases and learnings. 

Webinar: Building User Adoption and Driving Data Insights for Association & NonProfits | November 16, 2017  |  12:00-1:00 PM

Join us for this exclusive webinar for Associations and Non Profits and learn how to make smarter, faster decisions that encourage member engagement, value and growth. Gain deeper insights and eliminate the guesswork, design powerful engagement strategies, and cut inefficiencies. Register below!

Alteryx – Self Service Analytics

Charlotte NASCAR Hall of Fame |  November 8, 2017  |  4:00-6:30 PM

Who knew data could be so heart pounding? We invite you to join us for this exclusive event where you will learn first-hand how to maximize your big data investment and how the Alteryx Analytic Platform transforms innovative companies through self-service data analytics.

Tableau Conference

Las Vegas  |  October 10 – 12, 2017  |  Visit us at Booth 440

Enter to win a Ritz-Carlton experience and we’ll donate to Meg’s Smile, a charitable organization putting smiles on the faces of children with serious illness.

The Icimo Experience Party

Tuesday, October 10, 2017  7:30-9:30 PM

We’re excited to be heading to the Tableau Conference in Vegas and hope you can join our party Tuesday night.  Stop by Booth #440 to get your invite or register below.

Savory Cocktails + Food
Wildly Fun Games + Prizes
Lively People + Experience

Icimo at MidMarket CIO Forum

Sunday, October 15th – Tuesday, October 17th, Austin, TX

Midmarket CIO Forum is an engaging, informative, and social venue for IT Executives and Solution Providers focused on technologies for the midmarket. We’ll be meeting with CIO’s from multiple industries to discuss business intelligence strategies and outcomes for the IT team.

Training Events

We provide beginner and advanced training in Tableau and Alteryx. Please visit our training offerings page to learn more. If you have questions or any immediate training needs, please reach out to