Ian Alexander

Data Gumshoe

My alma mater is: Appalachian State.
My favorite invention of all time is: Air conditioning. Followed closely by the Internet.
If I were an animal, I would be: A cat. What a life.
My hidden talent is: I’m not sure that it’s hidden, but I am an excellent list maker.
I love: My wife and family.
I spend my free time: Watching and obsessing over college football. Go Vols (I’m originally from Tennessee), App (alma mater), and Clemson (my sister just graduated from there)!
The soundtrack of my life is: 70s/80s classic rock/pop and any film score by John Williams.
Sometimes people say I look like: I used to get Ferris Bueller a lot when I was a young, beginning teacher.
My first order of business as a superhero would be: Travel through time changing the outcomes of football games.
The best place on earth is: North Carolina! From the mountains to the beaches, we have it all.
My nerdiest quality is: Probably my interest in what my wife affectionately terms my “nerd alerts”: anything related to Star Wars, Marvel, or Star Trek.