Icimo TEAM Suite

Maximize your Tableau Server investment with TEAM Suite

TEAM Suite 2.0

User adoption is key to a successful technology deployment and implementation. Icimo Analytics TEAM Suite monitors and analyzes organizational performance of your Tableau Server environment with two key workbooks for full Tableau engagement.

Gain a deeper understanding of Tableau Server utilization across your organization by identifying knowledge gaps and performance indicators to drive deeper adoption.

Elevate administrative performance and enable quick edits by viewing and auditing licenses, user, group, project and data source permissions in one comprehensive view.

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Optimize User Engagement with your Tableau Server.

(supports Tableau Server up to v2020.3)

Interactions Dashboard
Analysis of user-initiated events. Gain a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with the Tableau Server. Learn which content is utilized most and valued.

Content Aging Dashboard
Analysis of all content on the Tableau Server. Quickly gauge which content is being used and which content is outdated and ready for archive.

Data Source Usage Dashboard
Analysis of when data sources are being used and by whom. Understand product usage and key performers.

Active Sessions Dashboard
Analysis of who is currently logged into your Tableau Server. Plan and communicate critical product details.

Favorites Dashboard
Analysis of which workbooks are being utilized the most. Identify key workbooks users value.

Viz Load Times Dashboard
Analysis of visualizations load time. Target key elements delaying visualizations to apply performance improvements.

Extract Refresh Trend and Totals Dashboard
Analysis of extract refreshes tasks on the Tableau Server. Identify volume and time lags of refreshing behavior to apply performance improvements.

Project Permissions Dashboard
Analysis of permissions on your Tableau Server at the project level. Quickly view and adjust user permissions.