You had me at Tableau.

It’s a beautiful partnership. With Tableau, we help our clients go from being limited by their data to being empowered by their data. We’d like to call it pure magic but really, it’s the power of Tableau (and a mix of Icimo expertise).

Tableau’s intuitive interface can adapt to meet the analytical needs of any business role and discipline across any industry. For the fourth consecutive year, Gartner Research has named Tableau Software a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform and we couldn’t agree more.

We have two words for you — Quick. Depth.

With Alteryx’s single repeatable workflow, you can prep, blend and analyze your data with no wait time. Even better? (Yes, there’s more better) Give your data predictive, statistical and spatial context by connecting, cleansing and joining data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets galore.

Automated Insights (Ai) provides real-time data analysis and content generation solutions to customers in over 50 industries, including business intelligence, financial services, e-commerce, sports and entertainment, real estate, and media. Ai’s Wordsmith platform, the world’s first public natural language generation engine, efficiently transforms data into personalized content and allows customers to more easily share insights and stories at scale.