We’re all about continuous learning and growth. We make it contagious.

We’re so committed to it, we built a training center in our office and offer training as a core service. We offer live in-person classroom-style training at our Cary, NC training center or if you have multiple attendees, our Icimo Analytics experts can train on-site at your organization. Whether you’re just getting started or need advanced training, we customize programs to meet your direct needs.

In light of current world events and keeping our employees and clients safe we are temporarily suspending all in-person training. In the interim, we are offering online training courses. If you have questions or any immediate training needs, please reach out to or you can visit our FAQ Virtual Training page. 

Icimo – Cary, NC

Tableau Prep & Server Basics
1-DAY CLASS, 4 hours

Tableau Prep & Server Basics This one-day course is designed for beginning users of Tableau Prep Builder. No prior knowledge of data preparation or cleansing is required. Tableau Desktop knowledge is preferred but not essential. This course will enable you to use all of Tableau Prep Builder’s functionality.

Course Overview:
Product overview
Tableau Prep Builder interface
Principles of data preparation
Connecting to different data sources
Working with data
Combining data
Creating data source outputs



Icimo – Cary, NC

Tableau Core Concepts I
2-DAY CLASS, 6 hours daily
5/12 – 5/13, 9:30-3:30pm

Tableau Core Concepts I is designed to start from the beginning so no prior analytics experience is required. This two-day course will provide you with a solid foundation of Tableau Desktop by teaching you the fundamentals of data analysis and visual design within Tableau.

Course Overview:
Navigate Tableau Desktop
Connecting to and joining data
Common chart types
Basic calculations
Visual design
Interactive dashboards


Icimo – Cary, NC

Tableau Advanced Concepts
2-DAY CLASS, 6 hours daily
5/19 – 5/20, 12-6pm 

Tableau Advanced Concepts is designed for users with an established foundation in the fundamentals of Tableau Desktop. This two-day course will elevate your skills in using multiple data sources, calculations, statistics and forecasting, and interactive dashboard design.

Course Overview:
Working with multiple data sources
Creating and using parameters
Using calculations
Statistical techniques
Efficiency and best practices

Tableau Accelerated Training
Icimo – Cary, NC

5-DAY CLASS, 6.5 hours daily

Tableau Accelerated (Bootcamp)
5/24 – 5/28, 9:30-4pm

Tableau Accelerated (Bootcamp) – 5 day accelerated course program that covers core data literacy concepts through Tableau Core I & Tableau Advanced Concepts.


Tableau Server Training
Icimo – Cary, NC

1-DAY CLASS, 6.5 hours 

Tableau Server Explorer

Tableau Server Training is designed for the beginner Tableau Server user. The course will introduce you to the Tableau Server environment and web authoring. This course will provide you with a solid foundation of Tableau Server and the skills needed to create, edit, and interact with basic worksheets that use previously published data sources.

Course Overview:
Tableau product suite and Server overview
Interact with Server content
Utilize web authoring to modify/create visualizations

Tableau Server Administrator
1-day class, 9am – 4pm
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Tableau Server Administrator Training provides the foundational knowledge of Tableau Server Administration with a focus on front-end and back-end administration, security and governance, and performance.

Course Overview:
Front-End Administration 
Server Admin and Site Admin pages
Content Pages and Security Model
Utilizing Icimo TEAM Suite
Troubleshooting viz load issues
Back-End Administration 
Administration via TSM Web Interface
Administration via TSM CLI
Configuration best practices



Icimo – Cary, NC

Alteryx Core Concepts I

2-DAY CLASS, 6.5 hours daily
6/16 – 6/17, 12-6pm 

Alteryx Core Concepts I is designed for beginning users of Alteryx Designer and is appropriate for anyone working with data. This two-day course provides the building blocks required to complete more complex tasks with Alteryx Designer. You will gain an understanding of important concepts that enable you to prepare, parse, blend, transform, and analyze data.

Course Overview:
Navigate Alteryx Designer
Connect, cleanse, and join data
Use common tools
Basic calculations and formulas

Icimo – Cary, NC

Alteryx Advanced Concepts
2-DAY CLASS, 6.5 hours daily
5/19 – 5/20, 9:30-3:30pm
6/23 – 6/24, 12-6pm

Alteryx Advanced Concepts is designed for those with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Alteryx Designer. This two-day course will increase your skills in data preparation, parsing, blending, transforming, and analysis.

Course Overview:
Data investigation
Advanced parsing
Fuzzy matching
Predictive analytics
Macro development and analytic apps


Icimo – Cary, NC

Data Science with Alteryx
2-DAY CLASS, 6.5 hours daily

6/30 – 7/1, 12-6pm

Data Science with Alteryx is designed for those with an advanced foundation of Alteryx Designer. In this two-day course we will deep dive into one dataset and perform all needed data investigation and predictive modeling. We will fully cover all predictive modeling types and time series forecasting.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Virtual Training: Carla Kent – fantastic instructor! Very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with. I would recommend her to all! I was able to apply the course material and instruction directly to my Data Analytics Protocols, and achieve my desired objectives.

Internal Controls Manager, Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

The Icimo trainer we had was the best instructor I’ve ever had as a teacher in any professional course like this. She was thorough, explained things in a very simple way so you can easily understand it, was patient and willing to stick to a particular subject until you felt confident that you understand it. A++ ” 

Melanie S.

Prospect Manager, National Wild Turkey Foundation

“The Icimo training team did a great job explaining concepts and helping participants figure things out. I feel like I learned a lot that I can use right away.

Karen C.

Acquisitions Librarian, Talbot County Free Library, Maryland

“Thank you for today’s training, you exceeded my expectations!

Rob B.

President, American Timber & Steel

The training session was spot on as far as pace and content. It was very interactive and the content was presented in a clear and comprehensive nature. Best training course I have attended in quite a while!

Lee N.

Manager, IT Development and Support, Air Line Pilots Association

I was fortunate enough to attend Icimo’s Tableau Core II training. I’ve already built a dashboard this week where I had originally been planning a clunky Excel solution. Tableau is going to make this a hundred times more user friendly. Thank you Icimo for the fabulous training!

Jessica F.

Senior Data Analyst, CCNC