How We Are Different

The Icimo Experience: relationship, rapid adoption, and ROI.

Empowerment is at the heart of everything we do. When you empower users to answer their own questions, you transform the relationship between users and their data. Users who can see, understand and act in real-time to their data become thought-leaders and are true agents of change — performance is elevated and innovation fueled.

Our strategy is to build small iterative wins at every interaction until you begin seeing the potential value in your data. We listen intently to our client’s business goals, challenges, and needs. Our best practice dashboards by industry, target the most relevant and critical data for rapid adoption. From there, we work with you to explore your data prompting new questions and insights. We continue this practice implementing dashboards and training business users to be self-sufficient in Tableau and Alteryx Software, ultimately creating a cohesive data-informed community.



We build trust

We listen deeply
We cultivate curiosity
We exceed on service

We deliver results