The Icimo Experience

Icimo is committed to our client’s success.

Each team member commits and is measured on 3 guiding principles:

  • To exceed client expectations.
  • To provide innovative solutions that lead to client success.
  • To earn our client’s ultimate trust.

We build a culture of measurement and results using The Icimo Experience.  A two-question survey is sent to our clients on a quarterly basis. Our measurement framework for The Icimo Experience is based on our Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Our definition of The Icimo Experience strives to deliver on the following commitments:

For our clients:

  • We exceed our client’s expectations in all our interactions.
  • We deliver innovative solutions enabling our client’s success.
  • We earn our client’s ultimate trust.

For our team members:

  • We promote an environment of positive growth and engagement of our team.

For each individual:

  • Each team member selects three personal goals focused on enhancing their clients’ experience, building a framework for their personal contribution and accountability for success.