Who We Work With

Yes, we can partner with your organization.

We pride ourselves on serving a wide array of clients — from start-ups to a two hundred billion dollar enterprise — across a range of industries. Our products and services are fully-customizable and designed to scale.



Libraries play a crucial role in our communities — hubs of knowledge sharing, technology connection and skills development. Working together, we can help you not only understand your library’s data but put it to work, eliminating redundancies in cataloging and resource sharing, personalizing the user experience, providing more precision in community offerings (circulation, resources and events) — and that’s only the beginning …


Manufacturers who use their data experience radical changes in how they understand and connect with the consumer, compete and prosper. Icimo is on it. Let’s talk about how we can help you reduce operating costs and improve margins; increase customer loyalty, retention and growth; strengthen multichannel strategies and communications, and define new products and services.

Banking and Finance

How can a greater understanding of your data lower operating costs, increase product sales and boost loyalty at your bank or financial institution? It starts with piecing together a more complete picture of your customers’ lifestyles, spending habits and financial needs to better serve them at every stage of their financial lifecycle. Bottom line: we believe your organization (and your clients) should be empowered by your data — not limited by it.

Legal and Law Firms

Put the Icimo Experience to work at your legal firm and a more robust understanding of your data is going to emerge — one that will help you inform, educate and advise clients based on facts, accurately track case cost management, streamline the discovery process and better predict case outcomes. It’s time for your data to go to work.

Associations and Non-profits

Make smarter, faster decisions that encourage member engagement, value and growth. At Icimo, we believe a data-driven strategy is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s a must have — an effective way for your association or non-profit to gain deeper insights and eliminate the guesswork, design powerful engagement strategies, and cut inefficiencies (which means more money to the mission). You’re in the business of doing good — we’re in the business of helping.


We’re talking about transformative results: controlled costs, more affordable and accessible care, and improved patient outcomes. Leveraging data can do all of that? You bet. Let’s talk about how we can partner for the well-being of your healthcare organization — and your patients — by helping you visualize, understand and utilize your data.

Transportation and Logistics

The transportation and logistics industry is in a constant state of evolution and advancement. Increasing access to thousands of data points, cloud capabilities, combined with AI algorithms provide limitless insights. With Icimo expertise, industry leaders have access to real-time actionable insights driving decisions to optimize routes, capacity, implement efficiencies in the supply chain and increase profitability.


Marketers and agencies traditional differentiator – creative output – is no longer. Marketers and the clients and brands they serve are shifting gears seeking radically different go to market strategies and the driving force? DATA. Real-time analysis of evolving data, predictive modeling and segmentation are critical components in a marketer’s repertoire. Icimo blends expertise in both marketing and data to build strategies that achieve business goals and secure growth.  

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