Data Analyst

Data Analyst Master wrangler of gathering, designing and delivering data for insightful interpretation. We have: wickedly talented people to work with top notch industry-leading partners great clients with fascinating business challenges You have: a desire to help...

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Webinar: Alteryx Quick-Start

Alteryx is a critical tool for prepping, blending and analysis, enabling complex data processes to be built with speed and ease. Ensure you know the essentials to maximize your Alteryx investment. Listen in on Icimo's - Alteryx Quick-Start Webinar to learn more about:...

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Donating Smiles for Meg’s Smile Foundation

We're honored to partner again this year with a wonderful organization, Meg's Smile Foundation. Meg's Smile is a charitable organization providing gifts and/or experiences to ill children throughout the Raleigh-Durham area. Their mission is "to bring smiles to the...

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How Much Is Data Driving Business Decisions Today?

Alteryx Designer