Facilitation & Curriculum Leader

My alma mater is: Christopher Newport University
My favorite invention of all time is: the Coffee Maker
If I were an animal, I would be: a Giraffe
My hidden talent is: I can always pick the best cookie!
I love: Crafting, Reading & True Crime Podcasts
I spend my free time: Running after my two small humans and watching terrible Sci-Fi movies with my husband.
The soundtrack of my life is: It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
Sometimes people say I look like: A basketball player (No, I didn’t play!)
My first order of business as a superhero would be: Speed read every book in the library
The best place on earth is: snuggled under a mound of blankets with a good book and a cup of coffee on a rainy day
My nerdiest quality is: I love to rabbit hole on new topics reading/watching everything I can so I can understand how all the pieces fit together.