Data Revolutionary

My professional motto is: Fail = First Attempt In Learning

I do what you do: because I love to figure things out and solve puzzles

My alma mater is: Saginaw Valley State University

My favorite invention of all time is: Toilet Paper

Life would be a lot simpler if: everyone would just listen to me

If I were an animal, I would be: a penguin

My hidden talent is: ability to annoy my children.

I love: Cheeseburgers

I can’t stand: Micromanagement

I spend my free time: Enjoying family time together

You’ll never catch me: Eating pumpkin anything

Three things you would be surprised to know about me are: I have a cousin that is also my uncle (it’s legal too); My siblings are 13+ years older than me; Started working on a farm when I was 7 years old

Sometimes people say I look like I: I’m angry all the time.

The best place on earth is: Home

If I had a safety pin, gum and a straw, I could make: Anything I’m MacGyver