Organizer of Bits

My professional motto is “Just do it right the first time.”

I do what I do because I do that voodoo so well?

My alma mater is University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

My favorite invention of all time is fire.

Life would be a lot simpler if food just magically appeared prepared.

If I were an animal, I would be a pitbull.

My hidden talent is hidden so well I forgot where I hid it.

I love french fries.

I can’t stand walking behind slow people.

I spend my free time making things.

A random tidbit is that I’m fairly certain I would die without coffee.

The soundtrack of my life is very, very strange.

You’ll never catch me intentionally wearing black and navy blue together.

Three things you would be surprised to know about me are: 

1. I cannot fry bacon without setting off the smoke alarm.

2. I have an external hard drive that only holds pictures I have taken.

3. I have 45 more states to rock climb in before I have climbed in every one of the United States. (13 more states, before I have been to every state.)

Sometimes people say I look like my sisters.

My first order of business as a superhero would be to get people to be kinder to one another.

The best place on earth is outside.

My nerdiest quality is probably my love of Legos.

If I had a safety pin, gum and a straw, I could make all sorts of things work again.