Client Excelerator

My alma mater is: NC State University (B.A.) – Business Management; Meredith College (M.A.T.) – Masters in Education

My favorite invention of all time is: the smartphone. Think about everyone you know and who may still be using a flip phone…not many. 🙂

If I were an animal, I would be Leo, our Havenese dog.  He is so cute and sweet that everyone loves petting him.

I absolutely love watching my son play basketball and eating ice cream, not necessarily doing both at the same time; however, that would be great too.

I spend my free time mountain biking with my family and playing games with our friends.  Definitely try Shifty Eye Spy. You will laugh out loud!

Sometimes people say I look like Cameron Diaz.  Okay, you know that’s not true but it sure made you smile, right?

The best place on earth is where my family is, especially when we are on vacation together.  We love hiking in the mountains and scuba diving in beautiful tropical water minus sharks.  Correction, my husband, daughter, and I love hiking. Our son loves basketball and Fortnight. 🙂

My nerdiest quality is my curiosity to understand and learn all I can about any kind of technology, especially visual data analytics!