Data Doctor

My professional motto is: “Be Prepared”

I do what I do because: I like finding meaning in data

My alma mater is: East Carolina University

My favorite invention of all time is: the motorcycle

Life would be a lot simpler if: food didn’t make you gain weight

If I were an animal, I would be: a monkey

My hidden talent is: avoiding conflict

I love: cooking

I can’t stand: being late

I spend my free time: fishing

A random tidbit is that: I’ve never seen a live turkey in person

The soundtrack of my life is: Anything Third Eye Blind

You’ll never catch me: rooting for UNC

Three things you would be surprised to know about me are: I”m an Eagle Scout, I”m a Manchester United fan, I used to be on the drumline at ECU

Sometimes people say I look like: I need a nap

My first order of business as a superhero would be: to rid the world of mosquitoes

The best place on earth is: on the water

My nerdiest quality is: I love to read

If I had a safety pin, gum and a straw, I could make: safety-pin flavored gum in a straw