Data Alchemist | Team Lead

My professional motto is “when in doubt, over-deliver.”

I do what I do because data is gold. Many organizations are rich and don’t even know it. My passion and sense of accomplishment is in helping people realize this fact.

My alma mater is… yeah, I’m that guy who got in the game in the mid-90s during the bubble and made it on grit and good timing without the underlying education. Unconventional, yes. Effective, absolutely. Probably best if you leave this section out of my bio.

My favorite invention of all time is the internet. Nothing else in the history of humankind has done more to bring information into the hands of people, unfettered, and on an even playing field.

In 2060, virtual reality will take hold in a huge way. VR will be used just about everywhere in education, medicine, entertainment. We are just at the onset of this push now.

Life would be a lot simpler if it were more possible and encouraged to “unplug” and recharge. It’s important to use absence of technology to remind us why we love it so much.

I love ice cream.
I can’t stand mint flavor. Mint belongs in my toothpaste and nowhere else.

The best place on earth is anywhere there is moving water.

My nerdiest quality is reciting from memory the “power of 2” numbers past 1 million.

I spend my free time making lame jokes at the expense of my wife and children, kayaking and exploring new music.