Data Detective

My professional motto is ” Work Hard, Play Hard”

I do what I do because A life without challenges is dull.

My alma mater is North Carolina State University

My favorite invention of all time is: The internal combustion engine

Life would be a lot simpler If we were all dogs

If I were an animal, I would be: a Narwhal

My hidden talent is Orienteering

I love: Animals

I can’t stand: Faulty workmanship 

I spend my free time: With my family and my cats

The soundtrack of my life is “Life in the Fast Lane”

You’ll never catch me: Supporting UNC

Three things you would be surprised to know about me are: I have 3 cats

Sometimes people say I look like: Macaulay Culkin

The best place on earth is: The Florida Keys

My nerdiest quality is I enjoy writing with and restoring fountain pens.