Webinar: Taking Your Service Firm to the Next Level with Analytics

January 24th | 12-12:45pm EST

The rate of change is outpacing the ability for Service Industries to keep up. Turning continuous change into an asset by focusing on your data will significantly impact your organization’s strategic position. Whether legal, accounting, marketing or another service firm, being able to quickly access and monitor your profitability, resource allocation and overall business costs are mission critical and the power of visual analytics is your answer.

Join Icimo’s Service Industry Analytics Webinar and learn how to move away from static spreadsheets, backward looking reports and time-consuming analysis to real-time data visualizations using the power of Tableau and Alteryx Software.

In this webinar you’ll learn the strategic power behind leveraging data and visual analytics.

Join us to see how you can:
-View and explore your data in minutes
-Instantly connect to multiple spreadsheets
-Transform your spreadsheets into a single dashboard
-Spot visual patterns quickly
-Go beyond initial insights to explore and build stories in your data
-Publish your results online for your team to analyze


Presented by:

Matt Illuzzi, COO of Icimo
A highly analytical and forward-thinker by nature, Matt has primed clients for operational and financial success for over 20 years. Prior to Icimo, Matt has served in roles as Senior Auditor, CFO and Director of Ops at Arthur Andersen, Wolff Olins and Omnicom. Matt also serves as VP and Treasurer of the Triangle AMA and on the Advisory Board of Band Together. He is a retired Certified Public Accountant.