FAQ Virtual Training Questions

How many people can attend virtual training?
Our virtual learning environment can accommodate up to 7 seats. We keep our seats at a minimum to ensure a positive and collaborative experience to foster learning. Should you have a need for a larger class please contact analyticstraining@cbh.com.

What should I expect during virtual training?
Virtual classes spanning multiple days will be led by an instructor creating a unique one on one atmosphere. The instructor will begin each day with an agenda of daily instruction and discuss engagement. The class is interactive and microphones are active at all times allowing questions and collaboration during training. At the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to complete a survey and provide feedback.

What should I prepare for prior to virtual training?
While not required, it is helpful to have two monitors set up for instruction and viewing. Prior to training, you will receive a confirmation email with important action steps. The confirmation email will have a survey link requesting you to complete prior to training so we can access your skillset to ensure you are registered for the appropriate class. Additionally, there is a link to a data set you will need to download prior to class. If you do not have a licensed copy of the software for the course you are taking, please ensure you download a free trial of the software from our website: www.icimoanlaytics.com

Can I use my own data during training?
For our standard course, we work from a standardized data set allowing the trainee to focus on learning the product they are using instead of trying to find answers to questions they had about their own data. If you need a course that is structured around your data please contact analyticstraining@cbh.com.

Are the training classes recorded?
No. Due to the interactive nature of the training, virtual classes are not recorded.

Are there any breaks during the online class?
We offer breaks during the online class. All break times are communicated at the start of each class.

Will I get a refund if I cancel class?
While we do not offer refunds for cancellations under standard circumstances, we will work with you to reschedule your training should you need to cancel.

Who do I need to contact, if I need to cancel class?
You can contact us at analyticstraining@cbh.com and a member of our training team will contact you.

What if I miss a day of training?
Since the learning material builds on the concepts from the prior day it is imperative that you attend every day of training. If you have to miss a portion of training due to an emergency, please contact us at analyticstraining@cbh.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you offer any large-group training discounts?
We offer training for large groups in one virtual setting. We also offer group training with flexible dates. Please contact us at analyticstraining@cbh.com for more information.

Do you offer any discounts if I want to take both Core I and Core II classes consecutively?
Please contact us at analyticstraining@cbh.com and our training team will contact you.

What if I have additional questions after training?
Please contact us at analyticstraining@cbh.com and our training team will contact you.