CIO Review Names Icimo – Top 20 Data Visualization Providers for 2018

Data visualization is a powerful business communication tool. As technology and services continue to merge, data visualization tools are becoming more accessible. With data touching so many roles within an organization, data literacy and the ability to effectively use data to tell engaging and insightful stories is in high-demand. Many organizations and executives are turning to data visualization providers to evaluate their needs and further expand their capabilities.

CIO Review, a leading authority in navigating enterprise solutions, has researched and shortlisted 2018’s 20 Top Data Visualization Providers. Icimo is named in the top 20 and we are honored to be on this prestigious list of providers dedicated to the visualization space. We attribute our success to our commitment in delivering a complete data experience. Read more about Icimo’s CEO, Bryce Gartner, vision for Data Visualization and The Icimo Experience. Read more about Icimo’s CEO, Bryce Gartner, vision for Data Visualization and The Icimo Experience.

Alteryx Quick-Start Workshop – 11/8 | 9-11am (Free Event)

Join us for this free hands-on workshop for new and potential Alteryx users to test drive a modern alternative to the repetitive data prep and blending tasks.

Construct your first repeatable analytic workflow, and see how tasks that currently take multiple hours or days every week can be automated in seconds!

Learn how you can:
-Connect to and cleanse data
-Easily join data from multiple sources
-Build repeatable workflows with no coding
-Overview of predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics

See how you can transform your business today! Space is limited for this event.

Analytics at Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Co. has relied on data analysis for decades, but like many companies, it did so in pockets of the business, with little oversight to ensure consistency and coordination across the organization. In January 2015, Ford formed the Global Data Insights and Analytics (GDIA) unit, a centralized data science team organized to share analytical best practices and to spread optimized, data-driven decision-making across the organization. CASE STUDY: Read about Ford’s data-driven transformation

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Webinar: Alteryx Quick-Start

Alteryx is a critical tool for prepping, blending and analysis, enabling complex data processes to be built with speed and ease. Ensure you know the essentials to maximize your Alteryx investment. Listen in on Icimo’s – Alteryx Quick-Start Webinar to learn more about:

  • User environment, settings and tools
  • Alteryx files, input and output data types
  • Workflow configuration
  • Common errors, tips and tricks

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