Top 10 BI Trends for 2019 – Tableau

The pace and evolution of business intelligence solutions mean what’s working now may need refining tomorrow. We know assessing new trends and technologies that shape your business, enhance performance and create new opportunities are top priorities for you.

Tableau interviewed experts in the BI field and compiled collective predictions for the top 10 trends to watch in 2019 and beyond.

Read the Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2019.


CIO Review Names Icimo – Top 20 Data Visualization Providers for 2018

Data visualization is a powerful business communication tool. As technology and services continue to merge, data visualization tools are becoming more accessible. With data touching so many roles within an organization, data literacy and the ability to effectively use data to tell engaging and insightful stories is in high-demand. Many organizations and executives are turning to data visualization providers to evaluate their needs and further expand their capabilities.

CIO Review, a leading authority in navigating enterprise solutions, has researched and shortlisted 2018’s 20 Top Data Visualization Providers. Icimo is named in the top 20 and we are honored to be on this prestigious list of providers dedicated to the visualization space. We attribute our success to our commitment in delivering a complete data experience. Read more about Icimo’s CEO, Bryce Gartner, vision for Data Visualization and The Icimo Experience. Read more about Icimo’s CEO, Bryce Gartner, vision for Data Visualization and The Icimo Experience.

6 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI – Free Ebook

With the influx of digital everything, data has become more of a strategic platform for business growth. Workers need to be able to access, interact and use their data to thrive. Despite the strong attention modern BI solutions are gaining in business, organizations remain hesitant to invest in a solution.

Key drivers of reluctance include an increasingly competitive market, navigating migration to a solution and the complexities of getting an entire organization to adopt. This hesitation is limiting organizations on their ability to compete and their agileness in the market which can negatively impact innovation and strategic growth. Start moving your organization towards modern analytics today by downloading Tableau’s free 6 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI Ebook!


Icimo adds Tableau Prep to Core I and Core II Training Offerings

Core to ‘The Icimo Experience’ is ensuring our Clients’ success. We do this by being industry experts in user adoption and building data-driven cultures. By focusing our services on this competency, our Clients maximize their Tableau and Alteryx investments. A key component to intergrating data analytics into an organization for long-term success is building a user-knowledge base. Icimo’s training center offers a monthly cadence of Tableau and Alteryx training courses designed for all user levels.

New to Icimo Tableau Training is the inclusion of Tableau Prep! The product was introduced by Tableau Software in a press release on April 24th as the data prep product to the Tableau platform.

For Tableau Core I, Tableau Prep will be introduced on day 2 of training. The revised curriculum will include an overview of the product user interface and key components. Our trainers will introduce basic steps in working with data, combining data and creating data source outputs. Attendees will walk away with a basic overview and general understanding of the functionality of the new product.

Tableau Core II will focus the afternoon of training to Tableau Prep beginning with an overview of the product. Tableau Prep training will include a deep dive into working with data to include cleaning steps, aggregate steps (LODs), pivoting and combining data (joins and unions) and data source outputs (.hyper, .tde, .csv, publish to server). We will wrap up the afternoon with using Tableau Prep to clean your data and work with output files in Tableau Desktop. Attendees will walk away with a strong understanding of the product and the ability to use Tableau Prep to prepare data for use in Tableau Desktop.

Learn more: Icimo Training

Tableau – New Subscription Offerings, Product Release and Tableau Prep

It’s been an exciting few weeks at Tableau with NEW being the driving theme! We have a new product release, new subscription offerings and a new data prep product.
Tableau 2018.1
2018.1 release presents new features to include connecting to data on the web, pre-built dashboards for Tableau Online and enhancement features for discrete data values. Tableau will continue with this new naming convention (year and number of the release in that year) kicking off with 2018.1!
Subscription Offerings
To broaden data literacy across the organization and provide more cost-effective license offerings, Tableau has changed its subscriptions from Desktop or Server/Online to three new offerings Creator, Explorer and Viewer. The new subscription offerings match the appropriate capabilities with the unique needs of different types of users across an organization simplifying the cost-to-value justification.
Creator: For analysts who want to discover insights faster with a powerful suite of products that support your end­-to-­end analytics workflow.
Explorer: For Business Users who want to explore trusted data and answer their own questions faster with full self­-service analytics.
Visual: For casual data users to view and interact with dashboards and visualizations in a secure, easy-to-use platform.
Please visit Tableau New Subscription Pricing web page for further details. If you are interested in converting your licensing (which does include incentives), please reach out to your Icimo Client Success Manager.
Tableau Prep
New to the Tableau product suite is Tableau Prep, a data prep product designed to help users quickly combine, shape and clean data for analysis. Prep, directly integrates into analytical workflow making data prep to analysis seamless for faster speed to insight. It is a standalone app, separate from Tableau Desktop, Server and Online and is available as part of the Creator offering. Existing Tableau Desktop users with maintenance will be able to download and use Tableau Prep for two years, as part of their maintenance agreement.
We continue to be excited about Tableau’s evolution and unwavering commitment to data excellence!