4 Ways Data is Transforming Manufacturing

Manufacturing today demands operating fast and lean. To compete, you must gather and understand massive amounts of data from multiple systems to drive efficiencies, service, and support. Self-service data analytic solutions are transforming your industry by:

  • Improving production
  • Boosting sales and planning
  • Strengthening performance
  • Enhancing supply chain management

Download 4 Ways Data is Transforming Manufacturing using Tableau and begin applying these effective strategies today!


6 Practices for Effective Dashboards

Whether a business owner or business user, making business decisions that drive performance is mission critical. A key indicator of revenue generating business decisions is how well you leverage your organization’s data. As an organization working with decision drivers on a daily basis, the ability to see and understand data ‘at the speed of thought’ is transformative. Dashboards leveraging your organization’s data that are well planned allow decisions drivers to gather insights, ask new questions and drive higher performance.

In this whitepaper learn 6 Key Practices to Create Effective Dashboards in Tableau and master the art of designing effective dashboards.