9/13 Webinar: Your Channel Management Strategy

Manufacturing is an industry with many moving parts and a constant cadence of changing demands. With data creation at every transaction, it often remains isolated and contained in individual departments – its value diminished. With real-time channel data living in silos, sales and inventory fall short of customer demand leading to massive loss. With a channel management data strategy, gain visibility into every aspect of the supply chain driving decisive results in seconds-compared to hours or days.
Attend this live webinar and learn:
  • how to improve process efficiency
  • centralize production monitoring
  • better serve your customers
  • turn real-time data into revenue driving insights


6 Practices for Effective Dashboards

Whether a business owner or business user, making business decisions that drive performance is mission critical. A key indicator of revenue generating business decisions is how well you leverage your organization’s data. As an organization working with decision drivers on a daily basis, the ability to see and understand data ‘at the speed of thought’ is transformative. Dashboards leveraging your organization’s data that are well planned allow decisions drivers to gather insights, ask new questions and drive higher performance.

In this whitepaper learn 6 Key Practices to Create Effective Dashboards in Tableau and master the art of designing effective dashboards.