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At Icimo, we are hyper-focused on experience. It’s one of the reasons we believe so strongly in our partnership with Tableau. Tableau delivers an experience with your data and now with Tableau’s latest new product, Tableau Prep, your data prep experience just got even better!

Tableau Prep empowers users to combine, shape and clean their data enhancing the speed to analysis. It also offers smart features and integrates with Tableau analytics workflow to make data prep visual, direct and simple. Interested in seeing the power of prep at your fingertips?

Tableau – New Subscription Offerings, Product Release and Tableau Prep

It’s been an exciting few weeks at Tableau with NEW being the driving theme! We have a new product release, new subscription offerings and a new data prep product.
Tableau 2018.1
2018.1 release presents new features to include connecting to data on the web, pre-built dashboards for Tableau Online and enhancement features for discrete data values. Tableau will continue with this new naming convention (year and number of the release in that year) kicking off with 2018.1!
Subscription Offerings
To broaden data literacy across the organization and provide more cost-effective license offerings, Tableau has changed its subscriptions from Desktop or Server/Online to three new offerings Creator, Explorer and Viewer. The new subscription offerings match the appropriate capabilities with the unique needs of different types of users across an organization simplifying the cost-to-value justification.
Creator: For analysts who want to discover insights faster with a powerful suite of products that support your end­-to-­end analytics workflow.
Explorer: For Business Users who want to explore trusted data and answer their own questions faster with full self­-service analytics.
Visual: For casual data users to view and interact with dashboards and visualizations in a secure, easy-to-use platform.
Please visit Tableau New Subscription Pricing web page for further details. If you are interested in converting your licensing (which does include incentives), please reach out to your Icimo Client Success Manager.
Tableau Prep
New to the Tableau product suite is Tableau Prep, a data prep product designed to help users quickly combine, shape and clean data for analysis. Prep, directly integrates into analytical workflow making data prep to analysis seamless for faster speed to insight. It is a standalone app, separate from Tableau Desktop, Server and Online and is available as part of the Creator offering. Existing Tableau Desktop users with maintenance will be able to download and use Tableau Prep for two years, as part of their maintenance agreement.
We continue to be excited about Tableau’s evolution and unwavering commitment to data excellence!

Analytics at Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Co. has relied on data analysis for decades, but like many companies, it did so in pockets of the business, with little oversight to ensure consistency and coordination across the organization. In January 2015, Ford formed the Global Data Insights and Analytics (GDIA) unit, a centralized data science team organized to share analytical best practices and to spread optimized, data-driven decision-making across the organization. CASE STUDY: Read about Ford’s data-driven transformation

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