Tableau products on a macOS operating system alert update

If you are operating Tableau products on a macOS operating system, please review and take action on the below communication by August 10, 2021 to avoid disruption to your data exploration.
What is Changing? 
Tableau will be making changes to its developer certificates for certain versions of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and other Tableau products on macOS operating systems. Developer certificates are used to ensure an application being installed matches the developer who built it. In July 2020, Tableau began signing their macOS applications with a new certificate thus they will be disabling this old certificate as part of Tableau’s integration into Salesforce.
How Will This Affect Me?
When the older certificate is deactivated, the macOS operating system will no longer launch Tableau applications that were signed with that certificate. When attempting to launch an affected version, users will receive an error message stating Tableau quit unexpectedly. This will affect all Tableau products on Mac that were released in June 2020 or earlier. For a list of specific products and versions that will be affected by this change, please see the Unable to Download Old Mac Products reference.
What Action Do I Need to Take?
We ask you to verify whether or not the versions of Tableau products installed on macOS in your organization’s environment will be affected by this change or not. If so, please begin the planning process to upgrade your Tableau desktop products to an unaffected version before August 10th, 2021. Should you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM or email us directly at for additional assistance.