Tableau Online Users | MFA February 2022

What is changing to Tableau Online?
In February 2022, Tableau Online will be implementing a requirement for multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all Tableau Online users.
What is MFA?
MFA is a commonly implemented security mechanism that requires not only the traditional username and password to authenticate, but the additional step of registering a phone with a user account. Upon each authentication of username and password, a code is sent to your phone which must be entered before you are fully authenticated into your Tableau Online site.
Why MFA?
This additional step ensures tighter security. If someone obtains your credentials, they would still be unable to access your Tableau Online site without physical access to your phone.
What action do I need to take?
In February 2022 each Tableau Online user will be prompted to go through the MFA setup process and register their phone to their user account. MFA does not allow for two people to share the same credentials.
Should you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM or email us directly at for additional assistance.